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What does a Parking Enforcement Officer do?

A parking enforcement officer is a law enforcement professional who patrols roads and parking lots or structures, making sure drivers observe local and state parking regulations. A parking enforcement officer also maintains order on roads and sidewalks by issuing citations, controlling traffic, monitoring parked cars and communicating with drivers. They also serve as backup during an emergency by directing traffic.


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Working as a Parking Enforcement Officer

Depending on their role, jurisdiction and experience, a parking enforcement officer may:

  • Enforce regulations and issue citations to improperly or illegally parked vehicles.
  • Check suspicious vehicles and tag information for violations.
  • Maintain records of tickets distributed and actions taken as a result of parking violations.
  • Collect money from meters and report missing or damaged meters.
  • Attach boots or other locking devices to vehicles with excessive unpaid tickets.
  • Patrol designated areas either in a vehicle or on foot.
  • Testify in front of a judge regarding enforcement activities and contested tickets.
  • Arrange for vehicles violating parking laws to be towed.
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How much does a Parking Enforcement Officer make in the United States?

Average base salary

Average $16.29
Low $9.82
High $27.01

The average salary for a parking enforcement officer is $16.29 per hour in the United States. 609 salaries reported, updated at September 30, 2022

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Where can a Parking Enforcement Officer earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in United States?

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Common questions about for a Parking Enforcement Officer

Are parking enforcement officers the same as police officers?

Depending on the city, parking enforcement officers may be sworn officers. In some major cities, like Los Angeles and New York City, parking enforcement is the responsibility of the police, while in cities such as San Francisco, parking enforcement is maintained under separate municipal departments. On the other hand, the city of Detroit contracts third party institutions to handle all parking enforcement. Many medical facilities and schools, as well as other buildings that are considered private property, commonly hire private security contractors to regulate their parking lots and structures.

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What are alternative job titles for parking enforcement officers?

Parking enforcement officers can have several different titles, such as:

  • Security officer
  • Public safety officer
  • Patrol officer
  • Parking control officer
  • Community service officer
  • Code enforcement officer
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What other requirements exist for parking enforcement officers?

Depending on the employer and location, candidates may also be required to:

  • Be a resident of the city or town or pass a civil service exam
  • Have in-depth knowledge of parking ordinances
  • Know how to travel around the area efficiently
  • Have a valid driver's license
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What skills do you need to become a successful parking enforcement officer?

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